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We value your privacy

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Green Office Supplies


Sustainability is now firmly on the world’s agenda and there is a growing movement to improve the sustainability of every business. Boxx-Direct wants to be a part of that. We believe that if we can provide viable green alternatives for everyday office supplies that don’t compromise quality and usability or cost more, every business will use them.


If you want to be one of those businesses, open an account with Boxx-Direct. Our account team can handle all sales and delivery enquiries, offer suggestions for green alternatives to everyday products and even schedule regular deliveries so you never run short.


A Boxx-Direct account is the easiest way for any business to go green!


Green Office Supplies


We dedicate significant time and effort into sourcing sustainable office supplies and providing a full range of recycling services to help all businesses in the UK become more sustainable.


Some of our green office supplies include:


  • FSC accredited paper, envelopes and notepads.
  • Biodegradable office products.
  • Reusable food and drink containers.
  • Eco pens.
  • Recycled office supplies.


We also have an exciting new range of eco products arriving soon, including water in a can, different eco pens and so much more!


Office supplies are just one side of the process. To really be worthy of green credentials, businesses need to recycle their waste. Boxx-Direct can help there too.


We offer:


  • Free toner recycling.
  • Pen and writing instrument recycling.
  • Battery recycling.
  • Electrical equipment disposal and recycling.
  • Secure shredding and document archiving.


Going green doesn’t have to stop there. Boxx-Direct also offers commercial solar energy that not only lowers your carbon footprint but can save you money too!


Find out more about our eco plan and free recycling services.


The Boxx-Direct Eco Plan


Boxx-Direct isn’t concentrating on sustainable office supplies because it’s popular. Going green is at the core of everything we do. Reducing waste, improving sustainability and reducing the global carbon footprint is part of our core values and is integral to how we have shaped the business.


From a range of recycling programs through partnerships with leading recycling companies to offering sustainable office supplies, we do everything we can to ensure you can continue working the way you want with a much lower environmental impact.


We are living our own values too. Our locations use renewable energy wherever we can, recycle everything it is possible to recycle, use eco-friendly office supplies in our own offices and work in an as efficient and ethical way we can.


Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies


Want to go green without having to compromise? Boxx-Direct can help. Apply for an account and our friendly team can help you shift to sustainable office supplies, arrange collection of used items for recycling and provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your business.


Apply for a Boxx-Direct account today and begin a journey to sustainability that won’t cost the earth!